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Tour to Ujung Kulon national park is adventure a tours to the unique and a most beautiful national park in Indonesia archipelago, huge tropical rain forest wild life and home of endangered one horn javan Rhinoceros (Badak Jawa), this tour to ujung kulon can be set up to start from Jakarta hotel / airport or starting from carita beach direct to Ujung kulon by speed boat or drive through country side to Sumur fisherman village and continuing by large wooden boat, on the way to Handeleum island stop over at Badul small island with soft white sand and blue clear glassy water the marine garden which are very interesting to do swimming, snorkeling/skin dive, the kinds beautiful colorful of coral fishes can be seen here, before continuing to Handeleum island the group of mangrove island whiith few guest house available here while deers, grey monkeys, horn bill other singing birds and tropical birds are easy to see here. The tour will accompanied by a local friendly guide. here the starting point to go canoeing / padling cigenter river through the jungle of tropical rain forest, crocodile are here but rare to see, the phyton hang on the branch of the tree just over head, the birds flying over head and siting on the tree here are good place for bird watching tour as well and try to seek the java rhinos track we may see the rhino here if lucky, along cigenter river best place for javan rhino and rhino often come to this river and cross the river. land and trekking ujung kulon by continuing tracking to citerjun in the middle of Ujung Kulon National Park. trek back and padling with the same route, the journey continuing to next destination of Peucang island will take about 1 hours from handeleum island. Peucang Island is a unique and delightful island lies and clear blue water off the north western coast line of the National park. It is white sand beaches. Calm, quite and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world marine life. Here also easy to see a lot of grey monkey, deers, wild pig, kinds of birds and lizard. here there are nice guest house. the activities can be doing trekking to Karang Copong is Last part / ended of Peucang Island, along the trekking route, kind of deer, birds, and tropical rain forest with big trees are also found and ended at karang copong that is the big reef with holes located in marine. In the evening its nice place to see sunset. The trek will take 3 hours return from guest house. and visit Cidaon Grazing ground, is one of grazing ground in Ujung Kulon national park that can be reach by boat to cross Peucang Island and continuing by walk 100 m from beach. There are wild cow, peacock, wild pig, kind of bird and etc come to this feeding ground mostly in the evening. the next day we will continuing by boat to cibom and trekking to the south coast of ujung kulon then to tanjung layar and return to cibom and back to peucang island the journey wich will take about 4-5 hours. trekking to Cibom ( The old Dutch port it was destroyed by Tsunami of Krakatau at 1883 ) Starting point to Ciramea and Tanjung Layar Ciramea the southern part of Ujung kulon open Indian ocean with white soft sandy beaches to search the Green Turtle and egg are often seen in this beach. Tanjung Layar Light House, During the Netherland colonial, is a place to be big trade port, historical ruin can be seen are light house and other building built during the colonial period time. Here we can see Old light House also see the view of Indian Ocean and Sunda strait. Once in while, primate are seen as trekking along this route.