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Komodo dragons are the largest living lizards in the world.The Komodo dragon is a large species of monitored lizard that is only found They are identified by their massive size, flat heads, bowed legs and long, thick tails. The Komodo dragon has been evolving in island isolation for million years.The name comes from rumors that a dragon-like creature lived on the Indonesian island of Komodo. Local people call them “ora,” or land crocodile. The Komodo dragon is not only the largest species of lizard in the world but it is also one of the most aggressive is so powerful that is able to take prey many times is own size. However Komodo dragons are also in severe danger in their natural environments as hunting and habitat loss.
Komodos are very rare and are found in the wild only on five islands: the Lesser Sunda Islands of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Montang and Gili Dasami — all within Komodo National Park — and the island of Flores, where the Komodo roams freely.
Although the Komodo Dragon would have once been widespread across many Indonesian island, they are today confined to just five which all lie in the Komodo National Park. The islands of of Komodo, Rinca, Gillimontang, Padar and the western tip of Flores are the last remaining homes for these enormous that are most commonly found in open woodlands along with dry savannah and on scrubby hillsides, and can also be found inhabiting dried-up river beds. It is thought that Komodo Dragons evolved to be so big on these islands due to the presence of a number of large mammalian that have since gone extinct. Today however, they are becoming more threatened in their natural environment with the loss of their habitat to deforestation for timber has pushed the last remaining populations into smaller and more isolated regions. Komodotours.com strongly advise to keep conservation maintained.