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terms and conditions
Komodotours.com suggests you to read carefully all these terms and conditions when you make a booking with us. If you find any unclear information that need further clarifications or information, please do not hesitate to drop us an email. Our staff will be more than happy to be at your assistant

Booking Procedure
Please complete the online booking form then click booking submission. If feedback page appear notify that your booking request forwarded successfully. Your reservation will proceed if you completely fill in our reservation form. You will receive a reply from our costumer service department within 24hours . if you receive no response till the next 24 hours, please resend your request and email us to booking@komodotravels.com
Phone : +6285370707130
WA : +6285370707130
Email : booking@komodotours.com

All itineraries, prices and any information which contain of this website are open for any corrections , such as ; change the places of visits, change the direction of the tours, change for duration of tours and any correction which may required as you wish or caused by a weather reason. If the amendment of the tours by your own request that will effecting cost, our leader will discuss with you for a better solution. Please immediately contact our office staff to ensure the rest of your program are all under control such as hotels, car, boats, flight. It is most important thing before dealing with the amendment of the tours.
The change the direction of tours, or change any part of your tours are allowed only if possible. It is essential, that we as the Tour Operator, are reserve the right to change the tours direction, change the destination and change places of visits, even cancel the tours as scheduled when the weather is suddenly become bad, or found any sudden obstacle, such as ; flight cancellation, ferries/public boat cancellation, waves and others obstacle during the trip is still running ,Then we will discuss to find another better way to solve the problem.
Also, for Optional tours are accept during the trips and if any surcharge effected by optional tours, you will be charged reasonable extra cost on the spot at your personal expense. . Please contact our staff or talk with the guide for any optional tours. Any changes of Room / Hotels Upgrade are allowed and subject to availability, and extra cost may will charged to you

• You must advise us or our agent in writing. Your cancellation only effective until we receive your written notification.
If you cancel anytime before 21days prior to your departure date, a 25% cancellation fee will be imposed plus any other charge if cost made by hotels, transportation, flight, tours.
• If cancellation made within two weeks prior to your departure date, a 35% cancel.. etc…cancellation fee will be imposed plus any other cost made by any service provider such as hotels, tours, transportation, tours
• If cancellation made within one week prior to your departure date, a 75% cancel.. etc…cancellation fee will be imposed plus any other cost made by any service provider such as hotels, tours, transportation, tours
• If the cancellation made on the day of your tour departure date , 100% cancellation fee will be imposed

NO refund for unused services.

Komodotours.com makes strongly recommend for every clients to have their own travel insurance or any personal insurance from home. We do not responsibility for any loses, injury, damage or lost or have to disclaim of responsibility of any risks include damage, accident, injury death, lost Delay of your flight schedule…..
KOMODOTOURS.COM will do all our best to ensure all of you are in good care. We will try to find the best alternatives to make sure your trip run properly and satisfactorily to everyone. However we do not accept any liability, responsibility and have to disclaim of any natural disaster, accident, injury, damage, death, loss, delay or reschedule, unpredictable weather, additional expenses, excess baggage, or any irregularities that happened beyond our control.
Our English speaking customer service is available from 08-00 am -17.00 pm
(Bali time).
Phone : +6285370707130
WA : +6285370707130
Email : info@komodotours.com
Email : komodotours1@gmail.com

Payment Method :
We accept online payment by pay pall
We also accept International Bank telegraphic transfer

Refunds : No refunds on unused services.
Travel Insurance

All Travel arrangements at Komodotours.com does not include travel insurance, accident insurance or any sort of insurance on this tour.

Travel Documents :
Each person shall be responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa (s) and carry a valid passport at all times. All travelers to Indonesia must be in possession of passport valid at least six months after date of arrival. Please note that passport and visa requirements are not our responsibility or that of your agent.

Komodotours.Com is not itself a carrier or hotelier, not do we own aircraft, hotels, or coaches. The flights, coach journeys, other travel and hotel accommodation comprised in your tour are provided by reputable carries and hoteliers on their own conditions. It is important to note, therefore, that all bookings with Komodotravels.com are subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by airlines, coach operators, hoteliers and other service providers, including but not limited to car hire, restaurant operators, whose service we utilize, some of which limit or exclude liability in respect of death, personal injury, delay and loss or damage to baggage.