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The remains of a new dwarf human species have been found on the Indonesian Island of Flores . The skeleton of this new species was found in a limestone cave and the miniature size of the adult female surprised veteran scientists. This new species was barely three feet tall as an adult and their body structure resembled older, ancestral forms of man.

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a home of the unique culture, nature beauties and more.. It lies between Sumbawa and Timor islands is an abbreviation of Cabo da Flores which was used by Portuguese sailor in the 17th century to identify the cape on the eastern end of the islands because of its underwater gardens. 

There are many languages spoken on the island of Flores, all of them belonging to the Austronesian family. In the centre of the island in the districts of Ngada and Ende there is what is variously called the Central Flores Dialect Chain or the Central Flores Linkage.

Within this area there are slight linguistic differences in almost every village. At least six separate languages are identifiable.

These are from west to east: Ngadha, Nage, Keo, Ende, Lio and Palu'e, which is spoken on the island with the same name of the north coast of Flores. Locals would probably also add So'a and Bajawa to this list, which anthropologists have labeled dialects of Ngadha.




Flores island is one of the island on East Nusa Tenggara province. It stretches between the east longitudes of 118 and 125, and between the latitudes of 8 and 11 south. The east Nusa Tenggara cover the area 49,880 sq km and it has a population of 3,500,000.  Flores becomes one of the biggest island on the territory of East Nusa Tenggara or NTT which comprises 566 islands, including many smaller islands which are not in-habitated and unnamed. The three main islands are Flores, Sumba and Timor from which comes the term 'Flobamor', which has been familiar as one of the names of NTT.
Flores is the volcanic island and has unique and spectacular attractions. Mount Kelimutu has become a favourite destination, with its three crater lakes of different colours.

Sumba is the island famous for its arts, handicrafts, particularly the textile weaving, and cultural assets. Timor, being the principal island with Kupang as its capital, serves as the centre of government and economic activities.

The other permanently inhabitated islands are Lembata, Adonara, Solor, Palue, Nules, Komodo, Rinca, Sumba, Sabu, Raijua, Rote, Semau, Alor and Pantar.

Roughly 57 percent of the territory is hilly with mountains rising to 2427m (Gunung Mutis) in Timor and 1792m (G. Kelimutu) in Flores. The mountains of East Nusa Tenggara are not as high as in West Nusa Tenggara where the highest mountain of all of Nusa Tenggara is G. Rinjani in Lombok (3726m).

Mt. Kelimutu, 1.690m fifty years ago, had three lakes, one lake was blue green, one fiery green and one red. Thirty years later, the colors had changed to blue, red brown and cafe au lait. Now, Ata Bupu (Lake) is a dramatic dark-brown. Ata Polo are dark red-brown, and only Nuwa Muri remains aquamarine or turquoise as it apparently always was.

Geologically, East Nusa Tenggara can be regarded as being divided into two zones:

  • a volcanic inner curve formed by the islands of Rinca, Komodo, Flores, Alor, Pantar, Adonara, Lembata and Solor, which have fertile soils; and

  • an outer curve of limestone and other rock formations, made up up of Sumba, Sabu, Rote, Semau and Timor.








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